Meaningful Safari is a combination of traditional wild life safaris and a possibility to see local traditional life and their culture.


Meaningful Safari – a different kind of safari! You will experience the traditional safari, driving through the national parks of this magnificent country and seeing the range of animals the nature has to offer. The Meaningful part of this safari includes getting close to the real people who lives in Africa; buying fabrics in large outdoor markets, cooking traditional dishes with natives, visiting street children where they live in the slums and see how organizations operate to help them. The African people are a happy people and doing a safari you will see that they are ready to welcome you to their country and culture. Tourism is one of the best means of export in Africa, particularly for the poor people serving you along your Safari. This is a Meaningful Safari and a safari that makes sense.



Don’t count your money, count your days!

New Meaningful safaris planned

- OCTOBER 2016


- EASTER 2017

- JULY2017


Contact post@meaningfulsafari.com for more information



The NGO Help to Self-help in Africa arrange this Meaningful Safari



Our operator in Kenya is Flamingozone Tours and Safaris LTD

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