Kirsten and Helge

To sum it up: We LOVE to travel the world.

Meaningful Safari is the name on our safaris in Kenya. Its not an ordinary wildlife safari, but a safari where you can meet the Kenyans in their everyday life.

You will meet The Kannini Woman Group who are weawing baskets, Ronald making sisal ropes (Kamba), farmers with biogasplants, walking with the womwan to the river to fetch water and learn how to cook lokal dishes.

This safaris is non-profit for us. We only use local companies who pay their taxes in Kenya.

Our first visit to Kenya was in 2006, and it changed our lives. We started with a biogasplant and established a safari company Flamingo Safari. We also started the NGO Help to Selfhelp i Africa. On our first visit we saw how people where struggling everyday, and we saw the magnificent wildlife. We wanted to assist people to make their own sustainable company, and we  have helped a dozen of people to a better life. On Meaningful Safari we want to show you the beautiful country, and we want you to meet some of our friends.

A lot of people are living in houses lik this
Fetcing water in the river
Biogas -The power of manure

From one of our many participants on Meaningful Safari

"I hardly believe I've been on a journey where I have felt that I came so close to people and got the feeling of being a participant, not just a spectator."